Crashing the game while using Shaders and Texture Pack together

  • Hello everybody, I have a big problem in the Minecraft and I hope some of you can help me to solve this. So the problem is that when I use the shaders and texture packs together the game starts crashing. I don't really understand why because when I use only shaders then it works perfectly and when I use the texture packs only it works great too, but it cant work together. I'm using this texture pack and the BSL Shaders because I've read that if you connect these two then it looks really realistic in the Minecraft. Anyone else experiencing the same issue? Any fix? Thanks!

  • Have you tried turning off and on your pc again?

    But now for real: Haven't played minecraft in a while but when I checked last, large issues occured when using custom shader settings/trying to overwrite texture pack settings. Did you check into this? Otherwise try to iterate other texture packs to find out if the problem persists (then it is obviously a shader problem).. If that doesn't help you have to go through all hardware expensive settings in the shader tab as you might be limited by ressources.